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How to Buy

Register as a user

Fill out the online registration form to become a registered user. The form is found by clicking "Register". The registration form is simple and easy to fill in. Register your name/company name, and other information required. Your e-mail address will become your user name. Select a personal password, 6-8 characters. Please make sure all information is filled in correctly. Confirm your registration at the bottom of the page. You are now registered as a user, and you can edit your contact information at a later stage when you are logged in.

The buyer is responsible for making sure the company VAT number registered at Retrade is valid at all times.

User name and password

The information registered in your user account is handled with discretion. When you want to make a bid on an item you must first log in with your user name and password. If you have forgotten your password you can make a request to have it e-mailed to you at the login page. When you are a registered user you have access to your own personal user account.


When logging in, enter your user name and password. Click on "Login" to enter your user account. Please make sure you log in as an international customer.

Member pages

Your personal user account is created when you register as a user. Here you will find your personal profile, your ordered items, order status etc. You can also change your password here.


When you find an item that you are interested in, click on the thumbnail/link to see detailed information on the item. In the detailed information you can find out more about the technical condition of the item, see additional photos and read the description provided by the seller. Note that most descriptions are entered in local language, however, a technical condition report is automatically generated in english for many items. Click on the button "Technical condition" to see this information. On this product information page you will also see the time remaining for the auction, reserve price, bid increment and the highest bid. If you wish to make a bid for an item, click on the "Place bid" button. You will receive automatic information on your e-mail about the auctions you participate in.


If you are outbid you will be notified by e-mail. You may then make another bid if you wish to continue to participate in the auction.

Bid overview

Click on "Bid overview" when logged in to your account. There you will find an overview of which auctions you are the bid leader, where you have been overbid, auctions you have won, and auctions you have participated in.

You have won

If you have the highest bid at the end of the auction, then you are the winner of the auction. You will receive an e-mail confirming this. An invoice will be sent to you by our invoicing partner. Contact information to the seller will be e-mailed to you as soon as we have confirmed your payment in full. Please do not contact the seller prior to paying the invoice.

During the auction

During and after the auction you will be informed by e-mail if you are outbid and if you are the winner of the auction. If you are immediately outbid after making a bid, then someone participating in the auction is using the function "Autobid". See further information about "Autobid" below. Note: Every bid you make is binding and can not be retracted. When looking at the detailed view of an auction you will see a list of the bids made during the auction and the current highest bid. The current bid leader will win the auction if no higher bids are made. When logged in, you will see your own bids highlighted in yellow. Please make sure to update the auction to always see the current highest bid.

General guidelines

All auctions have a reserve price. All auctions have a start time and an end time. Bids can only be made between the start and end time. All bids are ranged after the size of the bid amount. If two bids are equal in size, then the earliest bid made is ranged highest. All auctions have a defined bid increment. The amount of your bid must always be at least equal to the current leading bid, plus the bid increment.

Buyer fees & taxes

Registering with Dieselgen and participating in auctions are free.

Transaction Fee

For each item won in a Dieselgen Auction, the Buyer must pay a transaction fee. The amount of this fee is based on the final selling price and is detailed on the Payment tab of the listing page for each item.

Default and Late Payment Fees

If the winning bidder fails to complete the transaction for any reason, they must pay a Default Fee based on final selling price of the item less Buyer’s transaction fee. In addition, Buyer will be charged a Late Payment Fee on all items purchased that have not been paid within five (10) business days after conclusion of a Purchase Contract. The Default Fees and Late Payment Fees are described in the chart below.

Final Selling Price

Default Fee

Late payment Fee

(per item per business day)

1 - 5000 €

500 €

10 €

5001 - 10,000 €

800 €

20 €

10,001 - 30,000 €

1,500 €

40 €

30,001 - 50,000 €

2,000 €

80 €

50,001 - 80,000 €

3,000 €

150 €

Above 80,000 €

4,000 €

200 €


If a bidder defaults on multiple items in the same auction the auction closing prices of the defaulted items will be added together to determine the applicable default payment.

Unless and until all default and late payment fees are paid in full a customer will be prohibited from bidding on our site. Dieselgen unilaterally reserves the right to prohibit participation on our site at any time.


All items sold on Dieselgen are VAT exclusive and VAT will be added on to the final sale price and transaction fee of each item after the auction successfully closes. Buyers are responsible for any applicable Stamp Duty Taxes.


Items purchased through Retrade is paid by invoice.Items purchased through Retrade is paid by invoice. Invoice fee of 15 EUR (+VAT) will be added to all orders. When an auction has ended and you have the winning bid, you will receive a confirmation from Retrade on your e- Invoicing partner Lindorff handles the invoicing process.

Payment terms

When an auction has ended, the bid winner receives an invoice. All payments need to be registered at Retrade within ten days after the auction has ended. In the event payment is not registered with us within this period, the sale will be cancelled without further notice and the buyers account will be blocked from further activity on Retrades auction sites. Buyer will receive an invoice of 10% of the original bid, minimum EUR 100 and maximum 1000. Payment must be registered at Retrade before the release of the item. All items purchased through Retrade MUST be paid in full upon pick up. When your payment is registered you will receive a confirmation with the sellers contact information. The seller will at the same time be notified in order to be ready for release of the item.

General buying trems and conditions

After 15 days of invoices dates, if buyer didn't do for full payment, Company (dieselgen motor) can clear the deposit (Fire) and buyer(s) can not tell anything more. All payments or at least part of payments must be come from bank line,in the other conditions company (Dieselgen motor) will not accept with any claims.

Transportation Services

Dieselgen understands the importance of transportation services when purchasing equipment. Dieselgen regularly assists buyers in identifying providers of transportation services. These Transportation Service Providers have significant heavy haul experience, are competitive in the marketplace, and importantly have been used by existing buyers on a regular basis.

Equipment buyers may always choose to make transportation arrangements themselves. Dieselgen will not be held liable for any acts, omissions or negligence arising from third-party transportation arrangements whether from the above listed transportation providers or an outside transportation provider.

Transportation rates are subject to change and many factors affect transportation costs, including: machine type and configuration, distance and route travelled, as well as type of trailer and permits required to haul the load. The relationship/contract for transportation is ultimately between the buyer and the transportation provider. All questions about pickup dates, delivery dates, cost and payment information should be directed to the transportation provider.