Sell With Dieselgen

Get the most value out of your equipment, faster with our flexible disposition solutions.

Best Channel

Multiple Disposition Options
  • We're a full-service partner, multi-channel marketplace for the sale of your assets.
  • We offer the broadest range of options including Buy Now, Reserve Price and Auction.
  • Data-driven guidance to determine the best channel for maximizing value.

Best Time

Continuous Disposition Opportunities
  • Data-driven guidance to inform the best disposition timing based on market conditions.
  • Your equipment will be visible to the global market, every day.
  • We're on your timetable -eliminating market inefficiencies and delays.

Best Buyers

Better Data Drives Targeted Demand
  • Our sales and marketing efforts deliver the right buyers to optimize price performance.
  • Our buyer intelligence goes beyond purchase history to include ALL marketplace behavior.
  • Our guaranteed inspections allow our 1+ million global users to buy with confidence.

Seller Fees

No transportation costs. No refurbishment fees.

Unlike traditional auctions where you have to move your equipment, with Dieselgen the equipment stays on your lot until the auction is complete and the equipment is paid for, saving expensive and unnecessary transportation costs. And you decide what, if any, make-ready works to complete.

Sell it fast and easy.

We’ll inspect it, list it, and sell it for a fair price in 30 days. With thousands of global buyers at each weekly online auction, you will get a quick sale and a good price at Dieselgen.

Contact your local representative.

Dieselgen offers flexible contract options tailored to the unique needs of each seller, including straight commission, guarantee of minimum proceeds, and outright purchase of equipment. Your Dieselgen t local representative works with you to address your situation and comfort level, and develop a proposal that meets your needs.

Sale, transfer & payment

Dieselgen walks you through every step of the selling cycle including Post-auction checkout and payment.

  • We collect payment - After the auction, the buyer places funds into a custodial bank account managed by us specifically for the Beneficiary of Sellers.
  • You release the equipment - Once the funds are deposited from the buyer, you will receive a notification to release the equipment for shipment. The buyer will also receive a transportation authorization to arrange equipment transport.
  • We make payment - The Final Sales Price less our commission and fees are remitted to the seller within fifteen (8) business days after the date of sale.

Marketing your item

We market to a global audience.

  • Online advertising

    Prominent online advertising on Google and other industry websites.

  • Email campaigns

    We email registered buyers who've expressed an interest in your equipment before the auction.

  • Inside sales team solicits bids

    Our inside sales team actively solicits bids from potential buyers based on interest from our registered database of hundreds of thousands of buyers.

  • Thousands of visitors to our site

    Our marketing efforts reach millions around the world, generating thousands of new visitors to view your equipment every day.


How to sell Where is the auction held and can I set a reserve?

The auction is held online. Buyers will bid from their computer and your equipment remains on your property. We have partnerships that will help them transport the item from your location.

Items in our monthly featured auctions are sold without a reserve price. However, we do set an opening bid at a level that will be appealing to bidders, giving you a sale price that is at or above market value.